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Shipibo Cloth - Icaro Sangapilla (flower of love locked) (18x25.5)

Shipibo Cloth - Icaro Sangapilla (flower of love locked) (18x25.5)

SKU: 19

This beautiful Shipibo cloth was created by Iquitos Shipibo artist Sonia Ancon Chavez.


Don Guido personally blessed each Shipibo cloth with his sacred/secret camalonga plant brew to protect against negative energies and flower essence.


He also created a special Icaro or healing song specific to the energy of that cloth and recorded it for you.


When you purchase a cloth you will also receive a small cross-section of the healing vine Ayahuasca (called El Doctor) that was held in ceremony and imbued with magic to connect with the ceremonial energy and healing.

This is a donation project to support Don Guido and Rey. All profit is donated to the 501©3 The Way of the Earthkeepers which is committed to assisting in the preservation of indigenous wisdom, energy healing techniques, and shamanic practices in Peru and around the world.

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