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These hand-embroidered cloths are made by Iquitos Shipibo artist Sonia Ancon Chavez and can be used on an altar or as wall hangings. They are made from cotton harvested from the Amazon jungle and the threads are hand-dyed by natural plant dyes cultivated and created by the artist.


Each piece is a one-of-a-kind hand embroidered piece from Sonia and her family who has been weaving the vibration of Ayahuasca into art for generations. Located in the Peruvian Amazon, the Shipibo people create unique styles of visual art that are inspired by Ayahuasca visions.


They also have a deep symbolic significance as they represent the worldview of indigenous peoples, energy pathways, the Milky Way, the geography of the forest, and wildlife. They are guardians of their ancestral traditions and knowledge.


The traditional weave is known worldwide for its mystic symbology and reverence for nature and the unseen spirit world. 


Each cloth is unique and woven with love. Follow your heart and choose the cloth that speaks to you. 

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Don Guido is a respected Ayahuasquero and curandero descended from a long lineage of healers in the Shipibo tribe of the Amazon jungle in Peru.

Trained both as a traditional healer and an indigenous ethnobotanist, he has a deep understanding and intimate knowledge of the area's plants and their traditional and medicinal uses.


Guido is revered in his village and throughout the region, known for curing countless illnesses using his knowledge of medicinal plants and his skills and training as a physical and spiritual healer. He has been leading Ayahuasca ceremonies for more than 20 years. He has worked with me since 2015.

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Icaros are sacred ceremonial medicine songs traditionally performed by indigenous shamans during plant medicine ceremonies in the Amazon jungle.


Backed by the rhythmic sound of the chakapa (a rattle of bundled leaves), the shaman's singing and whistling of the icaro is a powerful healing tool that creates a deep and profound state of awareness to enhance and intensify healing.


An icaro pulls back the veil and opens the doorway between realms, inviting in spirits, guides, allies, plants or animals to facilitate healing, protection and your intention.


The songs are unique, complex and multi-layered. They may come to a shaman in a ceremony or in dream time, be passed down through a lineage of healers, or be imbued during a years-long intensive personal training. Plant spirits are believed to teach icaros to the shaman directly. 


It can take a shaman many years to master some icaros, and Don Guido knows hundreds of them. When working in ceremony the plants and animals will connect directly with him.


When you receive your cloth, you'll also get a recording of Don Guido singing an individual healing and protection song as he does to ceremony participants. The recording allows you to reconnect with the healing anytime.