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The  Q’ero people of the high mountains of the Andes of Peru are the last living descendants of the Inkan empire. They are also a traditional community of weavers,  known as weavers of the Light.


The Q'ero believe everything in the universe is loving and mutually connected and call this world of living energy kawsay.


They weave dimensional symbols into their cloths (also known as mestanas, or mesa cloths), which emanate light and this living energy. Through their weavings you can feel the call to personal transformation and to power directly through nature, connecting directly to that transformative power of enlightenment. 

Generally women are the weavers using a waist loom. But all medicine men and women are weavers… even you are a weaver… weaving your story through your concepts, beliefs and experiences into the cloth of your life.


Each thread is hand spun on a drop spindle and comes from their animals who have been shorn by hand and the fiber handwashed with a type of potato root that forms a soap. Their dyes are typically natural: green from coca, black, gray, brown and white natural colors of the wool, yellow from onion. 


The Q’ero weave their stories and prayers into each cloth and then you connect to the threads.


Many of these in our collection, made by shaman Don Pablo and his family, represent the very classical weavings of the highland Inka.


Each color brings protection and prayers as they are woven into the cloth: black, for the mother, Pachamama, and stillness, the space between; red for the blood of the rivers; pink for the gentleness of the heart; yellow for Inti (the sun); blue for protection; orange for the rising and setting sun; purple for spirituality; and green for the jungle and lushness of the earth. 


Often you will see a mirroring of the design in the cloths. This brings into balance the complementary opposites of life. 


Some of the most classic symbols you will find on the cloths are: the sun, life and the living energy with rays of light; the ancestors, depicted as stylized faces with two eyes and a mouth; Yapa or lightning, which holds the dance of the elements: clouds, water, lightning; and flowers, woven like diamonds into the fields. (These are traditional women’s cloths because women are the star gatherers.)

Each cloth always has an imperfection, to account for the “thing” that happens, which is life.


Each cloth in our collection is unique, and woven with love.


Follow your heart and choose the cloth that speaks to you.